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Registered Scottish Highland Cattle

We raise quality Registered Highland Cattle on a 100% grass diet, utilizing rotational grazing to provide the best nutrition possible. Our cows calve out once yearly in the Spring and are all phenomenal mothers. 

Cows are halter trained, all stock trained to single line fence.

Please note: We do not breed/sell miniatures or offer photo or cuddle sessions. Calves are born in the late winter and early spring. Calves are sold after weaning at approximately 6 months. We do not pull calves from mothers prior to this age. 

Our Herd Sire, SFF Nimrod (D) "Rusty", a flashy red brindle with a passion for being brushed.

2023 Available Stock List

All stock is sold for the 2023 season. Please check back in Spring 2024 for available stock.

Artemis, Persephone and Hathor from left to right. Far right is a steer.

Please contact us for additional sales information.

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