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Blackfire Farm is a small diversified farm located in beautiful Hancock and Greenfield, NH run by Douglas and Elizabeth Higley. Through regenerative and holistic systems we provide our community with nutrient rich produce and pasture raised livestock.

How we grow

Our vegetables are grown to foster the health of our soil and the people of our community. We use cover cropping, smothering, mulching and composting to promote biodiversity and nutrient balance. While we are not ‘certified organic’, we never use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. We seek to minimize off farm inputs to create a self-sustaining system. We use organic compost and soil. All this hard work pays off in beautiful, nutrient dense produce. This holistically minded growing system is intended to sequester carbon in the soil and create food that is actively regenerative to the environment.


How we raise

We raise our sheep, Scottish Highland cattle, chicken, rabbits and pigs in rotational systems that put the needs of the animals first. Our animal management creates symbiotic systems among the different species. Our sheep are raised on pasture and fed high quality hay in the winter months. Our egg laying ducks are pasture raised and fed organic, soy free grain to supplement their foraging. Our heritage breed broiler chickens are pasture raised and moved to new pasture twice daily. We feed organic, soy free feed and supplement this with meal worms which we raise right here on the farm. Our rabbits are raised on pasture and supplemented with high quality pelleted, soy free feed. 

We only feed certified organic, soy free feeds. Blackfire Farm seeks to minimize off farm inputs at any point possible. For individuals with soy allergies, our broiler chickens and eggs are a phenomenal, soy free choice.


We strongly believe in processing our own animals on farm. By raising our animals from the very beginning to the very end we are able to be fully present and responsible for each stage of their lives, including the end. As permitted by NH state law, all our poultry and rabbits are processed on farm. Our lambs and pigs are sent to a local processing facility.

How We Raise



We're proud to offer farm table wood fired pizzas crafted with care. With over 15 years of professional culinary experience, Douglas brings to life our produce and meat to create seasonally appropriate pizzas made to order in our custom built wood fired pizza oven and mobile trailer. 

To order online head to

Enjoy our pizza at Post & Beam Brewery in Peterborough every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please note: we no longer offer catering or event services.

Find our pizza at Post & Beam Brewery in Peterborough every

Friday 4-8, Saturday 12-7 and Sunday 12-6

Produce and meat will be available again beginning in May

Look for our plant sale on Mother's Day Weekend!

Find us at the Hancock Farmer's Market this Summer


Blackfire Farm | 2020

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Please note we are no longer offer catering or private booking for our pizza mobile.

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